Chemical & Electronic Pest Control Guide

Chemical Pest Control Can Be Effective

For eons, pests such as insects, rodents, and small animals have been forced to co-exist with humans. Unfortunately, the little critters can get the best of us. Chemical pest controls have been in existence since their agricultural application by the Sumerians over 4,500 years ago. Then, as today, chemical pest controls, such as pesticides, insecticides, and rodenticides, when used appropriately, can be an effective means for eliminating pests from your home. Professional pest control specialists have a litany of chemicals at their disposal to craft a solution that’s safe and suited for your particular needs.

Timing Can Be Everything with Chemical Pest Control

Depending on the nature of the beast, so to speak, timing with a pest’s lifecycle or daily habits can impact the effectiveness of various chemical solutions. Take, for instance, moths. Some chemical solutions are effective at eliminating larvae. If the pesticide is applied during a different portion of the pest’s lifecycle it may not achieve the desired result. Consult professionals to determine the most effective pest solution.

Benefits and Risks of Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pest solutions are very efficient if applied appropriately. Professionals can advise you on what solutions work for your home. Pest control specialists are also cognizant of local laws, as well as state and federal regulations regarding particular chemical use. Dusting, spraying, and using fogs can all be a one-shot solution to eliminating your pests. A professional can determine which approach is right for your particular situation. As environmental concerns move to the forefront of our collective conscious, many professionals can offer greener methods that involve less toxic chemicals, thereby reducing the impact on human health and the environment.

Electronic Pest Control

There are a good number of creatures that add to the pleasure you get in your garden. Birds, butterflies, and squirrels are some that many people enjoy. However, for the few that are enjoyable, there are hundreds that disturb your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. In recent years the innovation of electronic pest control devices has become a great option for maintaining control of the inhabitants of your backyard retreat.

What is Electronic Pest Control?

There are a few different types of electronic pest control available. They come in 2 primary types. The first type keeps pests away by emitting an unpleasant sound, vibration, or sound frequency. This type of electronic pest control works best with rodents and bird pests. The type that works against bugs is the ultraviolet bug trap. We have all seen the mosquito zapper. The idea here is to use a light that draws insects so they can be killed by the heat/current.

Why Do I Need Electronic Pest Control?

The concerns associated with pests range from mild annoyance to actual physical health risks. Pests are carriers of many types of disease. Lyme disease, malaria, and plague among the list. Chemical agents can be used to control pests but many people find the dangers associated with these products can be as bad as the bugs. That is why electronic pest control is such a popular option. When the electronic devices are chosen properly, set up correctly, and maintained they provide good safe pest control. When choosing the type of electronic pest control devices you require it is best to consult a professional. They will know the type best suited to your needs.