Choosing the Best Termite Inspection and Eradication Company

If your home is infested with Nambour pests, it is imperative that you act quickly. The longer you wait to solve the issue, the more time these pests establish a foothold and start damaging your property. If you’re able to detect the issue early, you will be able to lower the cost of remediation and restore your home in no time. If you wait for a month or two, the issue will escalate and become difficult to treat. Plus, the longer you wait, the more damage will be done to your home.

The best way you can get rid of termites is by hiring a certified pest control Caloundra specialist. A licensed pest controller will carry out detailed termite inspection and ensure that the problem is treated in the best way. It is imperative that you take your time when choosing an exterminator so you can get the best possible. Here are valuable tips on how to choose the best termite inspection and removal company.

Ask for a Realistic Estimate

A good termite protection contractor should be able to offer you an estimate depending on a thorough inspection of your home. They should be able to inspect your home thoroughly both inside and out, look for signs of a termite infestation and explain their extermination process. Avoid hiring companies that are not willing to offer you a firm estimate. Similarly, avoid a company that provides an unrealistically low estimate. Their estimate may include all the necessary services, and they may ask for more money when the remediation process is underway.

Go for a Licensed Company

Check to be sure that your local authorities well license the pest control company you hire to offer pest control services. A well-licensed company has fulfilled all the requirements set by the local authorities. Thus, they can offer you high-quality services. More importantly, it is imperative that you hire a company that carries liability and workers compensation insurance. A well-insured company will be able to compensate you for any losses or damages that may occur during termite remediation process.

Get a Written Guarantee

The best termite prevention company should be willing to offer a guarantee for their working. They should provide you with a detailed written warranty. The warranty should indicate your rights as the homeowner and what the contractor is required to do. It should stipulate the specific period when termite inspection and retreatment should be done. The best termite prevention company should be proud of their work and stand behind it.

Work only with Experts

Pest technicians are the core of any pest control company. Go for a company that continually trains its exterminators and uses the best pest control methods. A good technician should be a pest expert, and thus, they should be able to answer questions about termites and related info.

Building Pest Inspector

What To Look For In An Inspections Company

No one wants to buy, live or work in a pest-infested and damaged building that could collapse on them without warning. And that is why it is always recommended for one to arrange for a thorough inspection to be done before purchasing, renting, selling or moving into any building. The inspectors should then give you a detailed report of the state of the building as well as the type and extent of pest infestation if any. Below are some of the things you should look out for when choosing a building inspection company:

Company Practice

Before hiring a company to inspect your building for the presence of pests, you must do some background checks first. You need to find out whether that company is insured, whether they will protect you and your property against liability and whether they are capable of handling the task professionally. You also need to find out more about their level of excellence in customer support.

Reviews and References

The last thing you want is to hire a company that is not able to deliver on their promise. For this reason, before hiring a company that claims to have experience in building inspections, you need to ask your friends, neighbours or even colleagues for referrals. You can also check online reviews of the clients they have served before. If you have not received any personal recommendations, you can ask them to provide you with viable references that you can contact to inquire about their services.


Everyone wants to save some extra coin whenever an opportunity arises. When choosing a building inspection company, you should ask for their quote and compare it with other companies to determine whether they fall within the industry acceptable rates. They should not be way too high. On the other hand, building inspection is a tasking undertaking which involves the use of advanced technologies and techniques; hence you need to be wary of those companies that offer meagre rates as you could end up getting duped into paying for substandard services.

Inspection Techniques

You also need to know the techniques that the experts at these companies usually employ when handling the inspection. You should opt for a company that uses state-of-the-art technologies to achieve greater efficiency and achieve more accurate results. For instance, they should be able to precisely tell you what type of pest infestation is on the property, the extent of the infestation, the amount of damage caused and what can be done to remedy the situation. This will enable you to decide whether you should go ahead with the sale or purchase or choose otherwise.

The best thing about choosing experts in building inspections (learn more – Summerton Inspections in Adelaide) is that after the inspection they will draft a comprehensive report detailing the state of the property in question. Moreover, they will also recommend the measures you can take to mitigate the pest infestation problem and reverse the damage particularly if you have opted to go ahead with the sale or purchase.

Advice From A Pest Control Business

Common Invaders of Space in Residences and Premises

Once you’ve bought or built a new home, there are chances that human beings won’t be the only residents – so here are some insights from a pest control Townsville company. Sometimes, the extra residents may be uninvited guests in the form of pests and rodents. Several factors contribute to the existence of these petty animals in your compound. They have a particular liking for vacant spaces, simply because they will live uninterrupted. Here, they find space to breed and grow in large numbers.

Pests and rodents like vacant homes and business premises

In the USA, The National Association of Realtor reports that almost a quarter of a million homes are placed for foreclosure. This translates to neglected compounds and broken down systems within the housing units, forming suitable residences for pests and rodents. Pests that have a preference for such spaces include; beetles, termites, carpenter ants, rats, mice, and racoons as well as cockroaches.

Termites are a particularly dangerous and can cause significant structural damage to buildings. It is estimated that termites cause a $5billion damage to property each year. They eat away on flooring, carpeting and wallpaper. In their queer lifestyle, termites can go undetected until substantial damage has been done on a building. Debris left on new construction sites and buildings that have been renovated easily attract termites (see They love warm, humid environments.

Termites are a particularly dangerous

Powderpost beetles form another breed of wood-chomping pests whose activities can adversely affect the structural standpoint of a building. These reddish-brown insects find cracks on woods where they lay their eggs. They are almost as destructive as termites, but their damage occurs over an extended period.

Powderpost beetles

Rats and mice are perhaps some of the most common rodents found on buildings and construction sites. Their ability to feed on a variety of objects makes it easy for them to survive in varied environments. They also have the abilities to dig hiding holes where they can live for a long time without being noticed.

Carpenter ants play an important role in the ecosystem. However, they are not as friendly when they invade human residence. Though their destruction may be confused to that of termites, they differ significantly. Whereas termites chew on wood, carpenter ants turn their wrath on decaying wood where they make hollows to build nests. Like termites, the damage they cause may go unnoticed until it is substantially accelerated.

In most cases, all the pests and rodents that reside in buildings prefer damp and moist places. Bathrooms and laundry areas are some of the places that should be kept dry enough at all times to avoid pest infestation. Rodents and pests are simply opportunists that take advantage of neglected areas of a building to build their own home. Fortunately, there are several methods of dealing with them even before they become a menace. Regardless, it is easier to avoid their manifestation than deal with them when they have made an expansive colony in your home.

In choosing a location and material to build your house, it comes in handy to research on the possibility of such manifestations. Potential homeowners overlook such factors until they have to deal with a deeply rooted breed of pests or rodents.

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

Inspect for Termites Before Buying your Dream Home

Termites are nasty residents. They’re almost invisible and completely silent, but cause extensive damage behind the scenes. Just uttering the word “termite” or seeing mud tubes or termite wings can make some homeowners shudder. Termites are active in most Australian states and cause billions in property damage each year.

If you’re buying a home, having it inspected for termites can save you money and headaches later. If you’re taking out a mortgage, the lender will require a termite inspection to certify that the property has no termite damage or active termites.

Why Inspect?

A termite inspection is an expense, but it’s worth the price. It reveals termite activity and most home purchase agreements are contingent on its results.

  • Termites eat timber from the inside out, leaving little evidence of their presence ‘til an infestation is far along. The warning signs can be subtle, taking an expert to recognise them.
  • A large termite colony can consume half a kilo of cellulose a day. That can result in extensive structural damage if left for long.
  • Termites make nests and tubes to live in and travel. A large nest and a network of tubes indicate severe infestation.
  • During early spring, swarms of sexually mature winged adults leave their nests to start new colonies elsewhere. The presence of these termites or their wings inside a home is a warning sign of infestation.
  • The presence of termites is alarming but doesn’t necessarily mean a home is unsound, especially if the colony is small or the infestation is new. An expert will tell the difference.
  • A termite inspector can decipher the warning signs of termites and recognise the presence of other wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants. If you’re ever down under in WA, and in need of services for building and termite inspections Perth, get in touch with professionals on their social media such as Total Home Inspections Linkedin page and see if they can handle your unique situation.

What Next?

Revealing termite activity isn’t all bad news. The signs, mainly hollow wood and subterranean tunnels, may be leftover from a previous infestation. A termite inspector will recognise the difference between past and current termite activity and write a report. The seller should have the home treated for termites and structural repairs done.

If termites are active on the property, it may not be a deal breaker. Termites normally affect a home’s resale value, but sellers treat for termites and repair termite damage, restoring a property’s value. If a follow-up inspection reveals minor infestation, and the seller is willing to pay for termite treatment and repairs, then the property is worth considering.

Negotiating Pricing

A termite infestation may be good news when buying property. Buyers use this defect as leverage to reduce the price of a home. If the seller is adamant to bring down the price, have him or her pay for termite extermination. Working with a professional can help you determine the extent of termite damage and whether it’s worth purchasing the home.

Having read this guide, getting a termite inspection before buying a home now makes sense. A building inspector can look for signs of termite damage, but it’s best to hire an expert who specialises in all things termites.